What’s happened to Benoit Assou-Ekotto?

The infamous BAE hasn’t been included in the 25-man squad for the Premier League or Europa League this season despite only choosing 23 men – this comes after a disappointing season on loan at QPR in the championship.  

Wednesday night Premier league clubs had to confirm their 25 man squads and Pochettino has shown his stance on Benny not including him in list of just 23 players. This means that Poch has decide to pick ‘nobody’ instead, which would have to have been given the green light by Daniel Levy – who would not like his money wasted on a player’s salary.

25 man

Even Harry Redknapp – The ‘wheeler dealer’, known for buying over-rated aging players on a free (or very cheap), couldn’t be lured into taking Ekotto again to help QPR stay in the Premier League.

A seemingly bad attitude and lack-luster performances on the pitch for both QPR and Spurs have left 3 managers (AVB, Redknapp (second time round) and now Poch) freeze him out with him spending more time in a directors box watching Adebayor than on the field of play.

His antics on twitter meant that Assou-Ekotto became one of the fan favourites. His ‘banter’ and smooth talk with the Yidettes meant that people called for his personality to be on the pitch, forgetting that it’s not a personality that plays football but a body.

More recently he has however laughed at Tottenham’s misfortune with his ever so hilarious ‘LOL’ and told a fan to die – I no believe that he has deleted that tweet (I think it was around march time so you can check for yourself). 

The Hierarchy has seen through this and decided not to include him this season which makes you question why he was not sold during the Summer Transfer Window, probably because we couldn’t even give him away.

Expect to see him loaned out or released in the near future – but if you want to watch him make sure you have a subscription to the Qatar league or Chinese Super league as I feel like these are the only leagues that would pay for his services.

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