Whos ship has sailed?

The has been plenty of speculation of the incomings to the famous White Hart Lane, but minute amounts regarding the departures. This won’t come to a surprise to many after a severely lackluster season from many of our players and many would argue; managers. The infamous selling of Gareth Bale led to a doubt within the success that Tottenham would face in the foreseeable future whilst AVB’s negative play albeit with a defensive high line allowed for weak links to arise to the surface. There are many reasons why I believe players I should be sold including; Bad performances, age or never quite reaching their full potential. Jake Livermore has been our only ‘First team’ departure thus far, with Heurelho Gomes running out his contract, along with a few of our youngsters.

First up – Michael ‘Captain Fantastic’ Dawson.


Profile –

Debut – 16th April 2005
Apps – 322
Goals – 10

After the retirement of Ledley King – Daws was made club captain and gave his heart and soul for the the club. His passion was unprecedented and his talents were unquestionable, but I feel like his time at the club is up. The 31 year old had a semi-decent season last season, but his evident decline in pace meant that he couldn’t keep up with a lot of the younger players any more, causing him to not only lag behind in the defence – with the pace of Walker, Kaboul, Chiriches etc – but to be out paced most of the attacking team. This was most evident against the likes of Liverpool and Man City – where Suarez, Sturridge and Aguero and even Dzeko tore us to shreads; for lack of a better term. Our record against the top four this season was truly abysmal and whilst I’m not saying only Dawson was to blame, however a top-class center-back is needed having never replaced the legend that is Ledley King.

Unfortunately, although excellent, his heading and decision making don’t make up for his lack of pace and lamentably passion doesn’t win football games. With his positives and negatives, I feel Dawson would have more luck in a slower league with the EPL getting quicker and quicker every season however with an impending move to Hull he obviously doesn’t share my views, but any club would be lucky to have him. Value – £5 million.

Danny Rose

Profile –

Debut – January 2010 – However his League on the 14th April 2010 against Arsenal led to ‘That goal’ which no Spurs fan will ever forget.
Apps – 59
Goals – 3

Bought as a 17 year old, Danny Rose obviously floated our scouts boats, and after making his Premier league debut for Spurs in 2010 – after spending several seasons out on loan at various clubs in various leagues – against Arsenal no less, Rose created a huge expectation of himself after scoring a marvelous goal against our greatest rivals. rose

It’s a general consensus that Rose did not fully meet his expectations, and lack luster performances last season, of which many fans would have even called him a ‘liability’, means that I think he deserves the chop.

After being voted as Sunderlands ‘player of the year’ in the 2012-2013 season, Rose once again gave the fans encouragement of his again arrival to White Hart Lane. Alas another disappointing season has contributed to the overall consensus that Danny deserves to go. I’m sure Sunderland would be happy for you to re-join (and I think they’re the most likely to meet his valuation).

Value – £9-10 million.

Either; Capoue, Dembele or Paulinho.

Etienne Capoue

Profile –

Debut – 18th August 2013
Apps – 18
Goals – 1

Arguably the most debatable of the players that I have chosen, but that is exactly why I can’t choose. I feel that Capoue would be the must unfair to sell, after his first and only season was injury hit  – however once he became fit again, neither manager really used Capoue in any competition. But maybe Pochettino will bring the best out of him, who knows?

Value – £8 million

Mousa Dembele


Debut – 1st September 2012
Apps – 83
Goals – 4

Mousa Dembele had somewhat of a disappointing season. Despite being transformed into a central-defensive midfielder by AVB because of his strength and range of passing a lot of Spurs fans still expected goals from Dembele which never really came into fruition, but that’s not why I think he should be sold (or at least be in the running). Dembele never quite reached the heights promised from his reputation at Fulham whilst his stats are good, and his strength and dribbling almost incomparable if the right price came to the horizon, I think it might well just be time for him to move on – although it would be worth keeping him just to keep Vertonghen happy, as I think if one leaves the other may too. dembele

Value – £17million


Profile –

Debut – 18th August 2013
Apps – 37
Goals – 8

For me, the best of the three players listed, however the biggest liability within the CDM role. His poachers instinct and awareness are second to none, but many Spurs fans feel he had minimal impact in his first season, especially in the big games (but then again who didn’t). I believe he was unfairly criticised and could be very useful in almost any system that Pochetinno decides to play this season, but just hopefully not in a defensive role. Chelsea have been linked to Paulinho throughout the window so far, and I don’t think Levy could turn down a £25 million offer, but after a reasonably disappointing world cup, I don’t quite see that happening.

Value – £20 million.

Gylfi Sigurdsson

Tottenham Hotspur's Gylfi Sigurdsson, left, scores against Norwich City in the Premier League

Profile –

Debut -18th August 2012
Apps – 85
Goals – 13

After a successful loan spell at Swansea the purchase of Sigurdsson right from underneath Liverpools nose was one of the better buys in that window. But since then the likes of Eriksen and Holtby have joined the Spurs ranks – with Sigurdsson regularly being pushed out onto the left, or even being used (for whatever reason) in a CDM role for Sherwood. Hopefully the Tottenham board fill the left sided gap that was left by the illustrious Gareth Bale in this window, meaning Sigurdsson would be surplus to requirements in all position. A great player, truthfully wasted at Tottenham.

Value – Ben Davies.

Aaron Lennon


Profile –
Debut – 27th August 2005
Apps – 257
Goals – 26

Terrorising left-backs up and down the country as well as Europe, Lennons pace is almost unmatched. But in truth, that’s all he has. His delivery never really improved as him himself as well as the fans would have hoped. Throughout his Tottenham career Lennon has been a fan favourite, burning down the wings with his sublime pace. Defenders have however learnt how to deal with his attacks with his passing range limited. Lennon should only be sold if replaced with a ‘newer model’. Hopefully Lamela holds his own this season, but just in case we need to purchase a replacement. Someone who can play on either side would be preferable.

Value – £12 million.

So there it is! These are the players I think should exit White Hart Lane should the right price come. This is my first blog so any useful criticisims would be appreciated! Either comment on this or tweet me players you think should be sold or if you agree/disagree with what I’ve said.

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